Annual Report 2023

Health and occupational safety

Audit with limited assurance

Occupational safety

Numerous preventive measures and guidelines are in place to ensure that staff from both HHLA and external companies, customers, suppliers and visitors do not come to bodily harm, which is a key concern for HHLA.

By using modern technologies, HHLA strives to achieve constant improvements in occupational safety. When introducing new work equipment and methods at HHLA sites, the company’s occupational safety organisation is closely integrated into planning processes in order to adapt them to changing conditions within the company and to reflect the latest safety-related findings.

A software-assisted occupational safety management system is used to verify the legally compliant and data protection-compliant documentation and organisation of all occupational safety measures.

HHLA implements various measures that promote safety awareness, safe behaviours and a culture of safety over the long term. To this end, a project on behavioural occupational safety was introduced at HHLA with the aim of promoting positive safety habits among the workforce. Special training sessions for all managers are designed to ensure that safe behaviour is successfully implemented in day-to-day working.

In addition to regular on-site training, employees are offered online courses giving practical advice on topics such as occupational safety, hazardous goods and ergonomics for remote working.

In 2023, as in the previous year, 89 reportable accidents (excluding accidents when commuting) occurred at the companies in Hamburg in which HHLA holds a stake of more than 50 %. The Lost Time Injury Rate (number of occupational accidents with more than three lost days per million working hours) stood at 11.8 for Germany in 2023, as in the previous year. The reasons for changes or fluctuations are carefully analysed in order to quickly initiate structured preventive measures.

Occupational health

As part of its health promotion efforts, HHLA strives to develop a workable occupational health management system which reflects everyday needs and to systematically integrate these measures into company processes.

Furthermore, with the aid of targeted communication and information strategies, HHLA actively promotes existing health care services, such as social counselling and flu vaccinations. This has led to a significantly increased use of these services by employees.

In the reporting year, an assessment on the risks to mental health was carried out at HHLA companies. Particular attention will be paid in future to the impact of remote working. Based on these results, further training will be offered to managers on staff leadership, focusing on remote working.

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