Annual Report 2023

Diversity and inclusion

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By signing the Diversity Charter in 2022, the Executive Board of HHLA strengthened the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the work environment and undertook to sustainably practise diversity and inclusion management within the company. A Diversity and Inclusion team, which reports directly to the Executive Board, has been in place since 1 January 2023.

Following an initial status review, the team developed a strategy for establishing a sustainably effective diversity and inclusion management system, which was agreed with the Executive Board. Based on this, initial measures were already initiated in 2023.

For example, the first management workshops were held and, following on from this, a training concept for knowledge-building measures was developed. In addition, two projects were carried out in order to raise more awareness of the topic. The first of these is the “Diversity Container” project, which was implemented as part of a Germany-wide competition held by the non-profit organisation “Charta der Vielfalt” and took second place. Inside the container was a travelling exhibition on the topic of diversity and inclusion that  was shown at all Hamburg terminals as well as at certain international HHLA locations. The second project was the travelling exhibition “Innoklusio”, which was shown for a week at HHLA’s head office.

Currently, work is primarily being carried out to collect data on gender distribution, the percentage of people with disabilities and the number of nationalities represented at HHLA in Germany. Moreover, data will be regularly analysed in order to drive forward an evidence-based cultural transformation.

The share of women employed by HHLA in Germany (incl. apprentices) amounted to 16.9 % (previous year: 16.2 %). During the reporting period, the proportion of women working at the foreign subsidiaries was 22.3 % on average (previous year: 22.1 %).

The gender distribution on the Executive Board and in the two management levels below the Executive Board is governed by the German Act on the Equal Participation of Men and Women in Executive Positions in the Public and Private Sectors and by the targets agreed by the Supervisory Board and, where applicable, the Executive Board. Disclosures in accordance with Section 289f (2) (4) and (5) HGB

The percentage of employees with a severe disability (including persons of an equivalent status) in Germany was 8.3 % at the end of the reporting period (previous year: 8.6 %).

In maritime logistics, a terminal is a facility where freight transported by various modes of transport is handled.

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