Annual Report 2023

Long-term succession planning for the Executive Board

Together with the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board develops long-term succession planning. With regard to the Supervisory Board, this duty is chiefly performed by the Personnel Committee. Based on the objectives for the composition and expertise of members set out in the diversity concept, a profile of requirements is compiled for each Executive Board position. The requirement profiles, the responsibilities and the performance of the Executive Board members are regularly reviewed by the Personnel Committee – following consultation with the Executive Board/individual Executive Board members – with regard to the current environment, the course of business, the corporate strategy and the areas of expertise represented on the Executive Board.

A further key component of long-term succession planning is the identification and further development of internal candidates for future management roles. It is the responsibility of the Executive Board to identify potential candidates at an early stage so that they can be systematically developed with increasing levels of responsibility and needs-based training. Ideally, there should always be internal candidates on the shortlist whenever new positions need to be filled.

During specific appointment processes, the Personnel Committee and the Supervisory Board will consider not only the aforementioned diversity objectives but also all the circumstances of the individual case. Where necessary, the Supervisory Board will also draw on the support of HR consultants.

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