Annual Report 2023

A collage of the employees of HHLA (Photo)

Faces of HHLA

Climate-friendly, fast and efficient – with its international port and rail terminals, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) operates an innovative and ecologically pioneering transport network across Europe. Sustainability is firmly embedded in the Group’s business model. Shaping the future of logistics is a priority at HHLA. That’s why our employees all over Europe are developing solutions today that will allow us to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

Gateway to the future

HHLA connects diverse business segments through its broad European network:

Container terminals at several European ports ensure that the largest ships in the world can be handled efficiently. Rail subsidiary Metrans transports containers on rails all across Europe – largely carbonfree. HPC Hamburg Port Consulting advises external contractors worldwide on all aspects of ports and transport. Innovation unit HHLA Next develops and invests in successful products and business models. Our company is strong because of this diversity.

employees in 11 european countries
10%Others 55%Germany 6%Ukraine 29%Central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia)

For HHLA, the focus is on this question: How do we ensure that the future of logistics is sustainable? The answers are provided by our employees, who work very different jobs all across Europe. They keep a constant eye on the global flow of goods and send containers on journeys around the world. They develop visionary future-oriented projects, for example autonomous mobility concepts or new application possibilities for drones. HHLA start-ups are blazing new trails, and they always look for the most sustainable, fastest and most effective solutions in their daily work.

What drives our employees, and what makes their work so varied? We offer portraits of some of the employees to whom HHLA owes its success. In total, we have more than 6,600 employees representing 45 nationalities at our 75 companies in 11 countries.

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HHLA TK Estonia

“I know all the truck drivers here, many of them since I was a child.”

Liivika Mäemurd

Crane operator at HHLA TK Estonia

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HHLA Container
Terminal Altenwerder

“The focus on environmental protection and sustainability has sharpened intensively.”

Fevzi Karatay

Team leader at HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder

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HHLA Container
Terminal Altenwerder

“I see it as my responsibility to implement projects in a climate- and resource-friendly way.”

Christina Mügge

Project engineer at HHLA Container Terminal Altenwerder

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Metrans Danubia

“My goal is not only to ensure smooth processes on the rails but also to create a sustainable future.”

Matej Franc

Head of Rail Operations at Metrans Danubia

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“I am in charge of holding the strings together.”

Stefanie Lange

Project coordinator HHLA PLT Italy

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In maritime logistics, a terminal is a facility where freight transported by various modes of transport is handled.

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