Annual Report 2023

Strategic HR management

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Fostering the skills and dedication of all employees represents a is a major pillar for the sustainable success of HHLA. Long-term qualitative and quantitative personnel planning and development strategies for the entire company have been established in Hamburg. The ongoing development of specialist, management and project careers, and the permeability between different career paths, are the central aims of our HR strategy. The numerous options to create a work–life balance according to the employee’s current circumstances and the ongoing development of working-time systems form the cornerstone for long employee service at HHLA. Excellent working conditions and cooperation with employee representation bodies in a spirit of trust are fundamental to making HHLA an attractive and reliable employer and therefore also an important basis for HHLA’s business success. Employee recruitment and retention

HR management is established as a central division at Executive Board level. This organisational structure ensures that strategic HR guidelines can also be implemented throughout the Group. The performance of both specialist staff and managers is systematically enhanced and developed and continuously overseen by the HR management team. The same applies to all organisational development measures.

Fields of activity of the HR strategy

The HR strategy of the German HHLA companies comprises five fields of activity: “Employer of Choice”, “Develop Further”, “Work Together”, “Resource Management” and “Co-Determination”. The fields of activity are based on the human resources end-to-end processes:


The strategic HR objectives include key issues such as developing new recruitment strategies and enhancing HHLA as an employer brand. Participation-oriented co-determination processes are also to be further developed in cooperation with co-determination partners, managers and employees, in order to shape the future-oriented framework for HHLA’s business success. Moreover, existing resources in the field of HR are to be optimally aligned in future with the aid of innovative technologies, methods and concepts, and the range of services offered is to be continuously expanded.

The personnel development measures, together with the fields of action “Develop Further” and “Work Together”, help to enable HHLA employees perform their roles skilfully as they deal with current and future challenges. In this regard, the focus is on success-critical areas of expertise, structural networking and a connective corporate culture. In 2023, particular emphasis was placed on enhancing leadership skills with regard to the ongoing transformation. Challenges posed by digitalisation, pressure to innovate and the transformation of working and general conditions were discussed in the network and measures were elaborated.

Securing employment

The fundamental transformation process for the Hamburg container terminals has been named CTX. Innovation

Employees are offered extensive training and development opportunities. The programmes also provide for the implementation of socially acceptable personnel measures. These include early retirement, phased early retirement and more flexible staff deployment.

In maritime logistics, a terminal is a facility where freight transported by various modes of transport is handled.

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