Annual Report 2023

Accounting and auditing

The separate financial statements of HHLA (parent company) are prepared in line with the accounting regulations of the German Commercial Code (HGB). The consolidated financial statements and interim statements comply with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) applicable in the European Union and the additional requirements of German commercial law pursuant to Section 315e (1) HGB. This Annual Report provides further information on IFRS in the notes to the consolidated financial statements, General notes. The appropriation of profits is based solely on the separate financial statements of the parent company. The audit conducted includes an extended audit as stipulated under Section 53 of the German Budgetary Principles Act (HGrG). This requires an audit and assessment of the propriety of the company’s management and its financial situation as part of the audit of the annual financial statements.

The choice and appointment of the auditing firm, the monitoring of its independence and the additional services it provides are all performed in accordance with the statutory provisions. In addition, arrangements have been made with the auditor of the separate financial statements and consolidated financial statements for the 2023 financial year – PricewaterhouseCoopers GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Hamburg – for the chairman of the Audit Committee to be informed immediately of any possible grounds for exclusion or bias arising during the audit, insofar as these are not rectified without delay. The auditor should also report immediately on any findings or incidents that are of significance for the Supervisory Board’s remit which come to their attention during the audit of the financial statements. Furthermore, the auditor is obliged to inform the Supervisory Board and record in their report if – when conducting the audit – they identify facts that indicate that the declaration of compliance as per Section 161 AktG is incorrect.

International financial reporting standards.

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