Annual Report 2023

Disclosures in accordance with Section 289f (2) nos. 4 and 5 HGB

In accordance with Section 96 (2) AktG, the Supervisory Board of HHLA consists of at least 30 % women and 30 % men. There are currently four female members on the Supervisory Board, two of whom are shareholder representatives and two of whom are employee representatives. Women therefore now account for 33.3 % of both the shareholder representatives and the employee representatives on the Supervisory Board. The legal requirements, i.e. at least 30 % men and 30 % women, or four respectively (rounded off), are therefore met.

In accordance with Section 76 (3a) AktG, HHLA’s Executive Board must include at least one woman and one man if it comprises more than three people. This requirement was met throughout the entire reporting period. With the appointment of Annette Walter on 1 January 2024, the proportion of women on the Executive Board is now 50 %.

In terms of the target quota for women at the two management levels below the Executive Board, the Executive Board set a target quota during the 2022 financial year – following the deadline for meeting the previous targets – of four women in the first management level below the Executive Board (corresponding to approximately 30 % of 13 positions) and ten women for the second management level (corresponding to approximately 33.3 % of 30 positions). The deadline for achieving both targets is 31 December 2026. As of 31 December 2023, there were five women on the first level and eight women on the second management level.

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