Annual Report 2023

Corporate citizenship

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Regional responsibility

As by far the largest port in Germany, the Port of Hamburg is one of the most important economic factors in the whole of northern Germany and, as a hub for international goods traffic, plays an extremely important role for the entire economic system of Germany and Europe. According to a study commissioned by the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and published in 2021, the Port of Hamburg secures around 607,000 jobs across Germany. Of these, around 124,000 are in the Hamburg metropolitan region. According to the study, around 114,000 jobs are directly dependent on the port. The port and the interconnected economic sectors are thus central employers for the Hamburg metropolitan region. As a major company operating in the Port of Hamburg, HHLA regards itself as an integral part of economic development in the Hamburg metropolitan region and is well aware of its social responsibility here and at all its other sites.

Added value

Net added value serves as an indicator of the economic value creation of a business activity. It is calculated by taking the production value and deducting all intermediate inputs, depreciation and amortisation. Added value is shared between employees, shareholders, the state (in the form of taxes) and lenders. The largest proportion, € 570.1 million or 88.5 %, went to employees.

Source of added value

Production value 2023: € 1,505 million

Source of added value (pie chart)

Application of added value

Net added value 2023: € 644 million

Application of added value (pie chart)

Net added value decreased during the 2023 financial year and fell 16.9 % year-on-year to € 644.0 million (previous year: € 774.6 million). At 42.8 %, the added value ratio was down year-on-year (previous year: 47.9 %).

Value added in the HHLA Group

in € million













- 0.8 %







- 68.2 %

Public authorities






- 64.9 %







72.4 %

Net value added






- 16.9 %

Social dialogue and responsibility

HHLA engages in regular dialogue with its stakeholders. The company also promotes a number of educational projects focusing on the topics of port and logistics, thereby engaging in the transfer of knowledge.

Help for Odessa

HHLA actively supports its Ukrainian employees at Container Terminal Odessa (CTO) and their relatives who have fled to Hamburg. In total, the HHLA project team has helped 104 Ukrainians to find accommodation and furniture, as well as providing assistance with administrative matters when dealing with the local authorities. In addition, Christmas presents were sent to children of CTO employees in Ukraine, which were funded by donations from HHLA employees.

Some of the CTO employees took part in HHLA's training programmes and were able to find new work opportunities, e.g. through internships at the Hamburg site.

HHLA supports aid organisations with deliveries to Ukraine by rail and has transported containers with urgently required aid, such as medical consumables, baby food and furniture, to Odessa. Approx. € 78,000 was invested in transporting a total of 18 containers to Ukraine.

“Hafen-Scouts” educational programme

Recognising the link between the port, logistics and the water helps us understand the global division of labour and the importance of sustainable business activities. HHLA’s support for educational projects focuses on the “Hafen-Scouts” in Hamburg. This project was successfully initiated by HHLA, the Hafenmuseum Hamburg and the State Institute for Teacher Training and School Development in 2015. It teaches fourth-grade schoolchildren about the transportation of goods around the world, how the port works and what careers the port offers. There were 1,478 participants in 2023 (previous year: 1,467), a record high since the project began. Since 2015, (HHLA) has organised Port Scout tours for a total of 10,120 fourth-grade pupils from Hamburg .

AlsterPort – Partnership with Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf

Under the slogan “Learning from each other”, the AlsterPort service, a joint initiative of HHLA and ESA (Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf), has been promoting voluntary work in the region since 2021. In the reporting year, a range of social activities involving HHLA employees once again took place; these included the annual boccia tournament for people with and without disabilities, a Halloween crafts event at the youth club, a joint cooking event in a facility for assisted living and a Christmas wishing tree initiative for kids at the “Wohnheim Heidkoppel” children’s home.

In maritime logistics, a terminal is a facility where freight transported by various modes of transport is handled.
Value added
Production value – intermediate inputs (cost of materials, depreciation and amortisation, and other operating expenses); the value added generated is shared between the HHLA Group’s stakeholders, such as employees, shareholders, lenders and the local community.

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