Annual Report 2022

Supply chain

Not audited

As a port and transport logistics company as well as a service provider, HHLA acts within the transport chains of its clients. HHLA’s own supply chains are limited to procuring capital and consumer goods (e.g. locomotives and port handling equipment), which largely originate from countries within Europe. Procurement and supplier management

HHLA strives for a relationship characterised by integrity, fairness, responsibility and sustainability with its suppliers and expects them to be guided by certain principles in their business activities. To enable this, HHLA has developed a Supplier Code of Conduct that sets out these principles and formulates what is clearly expected of suppliers – namely, that they adhere to legal requirements and that they conduct their activities in compliance with internationally recognised principles. Business partners and sales

HHLA’s IT-based business partner screening system plays a part in checking that business partners conduct themselves with integrity. It facilitates the risk-based assessment of HHLA’s business partners, e.g. with regard to compliance and human rights components, such as standards relating to occupational safety, prevention of corruption and environmental protection/sustainability. 

This alignment with sustainability and compliance along the supply chain is an ongoing process and HHLA continuously enhances its guidelines and procedures accordingly. At the same time, HHLA ensures that the legal requirements are fulfilled and corresponding measures are implemented. To this end, HHLA carried out a project in the reporting period to implement the requirements under the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG).

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