Annual Report 2022

Respect for human rights

Audit with limited assurance

Ensuring our employees act in a lawful fashion guided by integrity also means protecting human rights. Almost all of HHLA’s locations are in Europe and more than 95 % of HHLA’s suppliers are based in the European Union, where human rights are a prime concern and enshrined in both local and European laws. Furthermore, the principles of the UN Global Compact are reflected in the Code of Conduct and HHLA’s comprehensive guidelines, such as its health and safety guidelines. As an overarching set of rules, the Code of Conduct includes the following principles:

  • integrity as a central value, a commitment to diversity and the rejection of all forms of discrimination in our interactions with one another
  • guidance on lawful behaviour, particularly to prevent corruption in dealings with business partners and officials
  • protecting the health and safety of employees in the workplace. Occupational safety is a priority for HHLA and we have set ourselves the goal of remaining a leader in this regard
  • protecting the environment and sustainable business practices, promoting environmental awareness and accelerating the development and acceptance of environmentally friendly technologies through HHLA's sustainability strategy. Strategy and management

Moreover, HHLA actively encourages worker co-determination and safeguards both the freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

The risk-oriented business partner screening system that HHLA uses in the area of third-party compliance also contributes towards the early detection of potential human rights risks.  The Supplier Code of Conduct used by HHLA for its suppliers specifically includes respect for human rights.

On the basis of the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights, HHLA has issued a Declaration of Principles for the Respect and Observance of Human Rights and for Diversity and the Condemnation of all Forms of Discrimination and Racism. In 2022, the focus of enhancements was on designing and developing a strategy for diversity management, establishing a new office for diversity and inclusion and launching a project for implementing the provisions of the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG). On Diversity Day, HHLA signed the Diversity Charter, thereby reiterating its inherent commitment to equal opportunities within the company, among other things. Communication in the reporting period focused on the issues of diversity, inclusion and occupational safety.

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