Disclosures in accordance with Section 289f (2) nos. 4 and 5 HGB

In accordance with Section 96 (2) AktG, the Supervisory Board of HHLA consists of at least 30 % women and 30 % men. There are currently four female members of the Supervisory Board, two of whom are shareholder representatives and two of whom are employee representatives. Women therefore now account for 33.3 % of both the shareholder representatives and the employee representatives on the Supervisory Board. As such, the legal requirements are met.

The Supervisory Board set a quota of 25 % for women on the Executive Board by 30 June 2022. This target has been met. According to Section 76 (3a) AktG, added as a result of the German law to supplement and amend legislation on the equal participation of men and women in executive positions in the public and private sectors (FüPOG II), the Executive Board of a listed company governed by the German Co-Determination Act must in future comprise at least one man and one woman wherever the Executive Board comprises more than three people. HHLA already complied with this requirement during the reporting period.

The Executive Board has set a target quota of 30 % for women in both management levels below the Executive Board and established a deadline for achieving this by 30 June 2022. As of 31 December 2021, women accounted for 25 % of both management levels.