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Operating expenses: Taxonomy-eligible OpEx share

The KPI calculated for the proportion of taxonomy-eligible operating expenses in the 2021 financial year was 92.3 %.

The OpEx KPI is determined as a ratio of the numerator and denominator as defined below:

  • The numerator of the OpEx KPI are the operating expenses that are taxonomy-eligible.
  • The denominator comprises direct, non-capitalised costs for research and development, building renovation measures, short-term leases, maintenance and repairs, and all other direct expenditure for the ongoing maintenance of property, plant and equipment.

OpEx key figure


Taxonomy-eligible operating expenses

Direct, non-capitalised costs (R&D, building renovation measures, leasing and maintenance)

The OpEx KPI reveals the proportion of operating expenses as defined by EU taxonomy that are associated with taxonomy-eligible business activities. The numerator is the result of an analysis of the assets associated with the expenditure recorded in the above accounts with regard to their taxonomy eligibility on the basis of Annex I (Material contribution to climate change mitigation) and Annex II (Material contribution to climate change adaptation) of Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/852. In order to determine the denominator, the accounts reflecting direct, non-capitalised costs for research and development expenditure, building renovation measures, short-term leases and maintenance and repair costs were considered.