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Sustainability organisation and dialogue

At Group level, the sustainability team reports directly to the Chairwoman of the Executive Board. Reports on the status of current projects are given at monthly meetings. Persons are appointed to be responsible for the individual topics. These are coordinated across all departments by the sustainability team. Various working groups provide a forum for discussing and approving sustainability issues and measures across the Group, as well as for regularly evaluating and updating the existing stakeholder structure.

HHLA engages in regular dialogue with its stakeholders, including customers (e.g. shipping companies), customers’ customers (e.g. forwarders), employees, suppliers, potential and existing shareholders and investors, associations and institutions, research institutes, political decision makers, NGOs, local residents close to the and interested members of the public. The Annual Report is an established medium that supplements this regular dialogue and takes the stakeholder groups’ interests into account. Materiality analysis


In maritime logistics, a terminal is a facility where freight transported by various modes of transport is handled.