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Personnel development

HHLA invested a total of € 5.0 million in educating and training staff at its locations in Hamburg in 2021 (previous year: € 5.3 million). Further details on employee development and struc­ture can be found in the management report. Employees

The three-year average of the annual trend in expenditure for initial training, in-company training and continuing professional development in relation to headcount is one of the targets agreed with the Executive Board and is taken into account when determining Executive Board remuneration. Achieving the agreed target range triggers the payment of a corresponding bonus. Corporate governance declaration/remuneration report

Continuing professional development (CPD)

The learning and development opportunities at HHLA increasingly focused on “future skills” in 2021 and were supplemented with new formats. With the definition of future skills, one major focus area of the CPD courses provided are the interdisciplinary skills which are crucial for HHLA’s long-term success.

In total, over 642 events lasting one or more days were held in the reporting period. These included more than 490 internal vocational courses conducted by HHLA’s own trainers over 2,322 training days. In addition, 152 events lasting one or more days with over 1,654 participant days were organised as part of the company’s cross-segment seminar programme. Of the participants, 39 % were women.

HR development strategy is an integral part of HHLA’s corporate strategy and aims to make lifelong learning and knowledge transfer a major pillar of the strategic transformation process. In line with current and future requirements, training measures for specialist staff and managers that have already been successfully implemented will be continued, further measures developed and the scope of these measures increased within the Group. Those with potential and expertise will be given specific support and tailored measures for individual areas will be developed in consultation with management.

HHLA learning platform

In order to create a basis for training measures that are aligned with corporate strategy and economically measurable, a digital learning platform was selected in 2020 and preparations were made for its implementation during the reporting period. After its launch, the software will enable the efficient, target group-specific provision of training content and link all Group companies to a strategic and Group-wide HR development system. For the interim period, a SharePoint page was developed internally which can provide a range of information and services throughout the Group. Existing methods were also used to establish a comprehensive controlling system.

Microsoft 365

With the introduction of Microsoft 365 as a communication and collaboration tool at HHLA, HR development is promoting the evolution of a shared understanding of the potential digital cooperation made possible by this tool, as well as setting up a company-wide training strategy.

Programmes for young talents

Since late 2021, two new development programmes have been helping young talents to grow into their leadership roles and to learn together by sharing their experiences with colleagues. Despite the restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the first International Leadership Program was launched at HHLA with ten young talents from six international HHLA subsidiaries.

Another two-year talent programme was also piloted in Hamburg for staff from all sites and will be implemented throughout the Group in the next few years.

Fit4Future Pilots for NAVIS N4

The launch of the operating software NAVIS N4 at all HHLA terminals in Hamburg was accompanied by various training measures.

After a break due to coronavirus restrictions, the Fit4Future Pilots project supported by the German Federal Employment Agency on the basis of the Skills Development Opportunities Act came to an end in November 2021. In four one-week modules, 54 employees at all four terminals were trained as multipliers in fundamental topics relating to change management. After completing the course, participants can advise and support their colleagues on site with regard to process changes resulting from the digital transformation.

In order to optimise the specialist skills of software users, more than 15 trainers were taught how to conduct remote and in-person training sessions in a wide-ranging “train the trainer” course.

Lernen2Go and Führung2Go

Starting this year, the new “Lernen2Go” learning format is offering interested employees the opportunity to learn about a topic in one-hour live lectures online and to opt for more in-depth training afterwards. These monthly events cover topics such as “Strengthening resilience,” “Teamwork and trust” and “The magic of change” and primarily strengthen those skills that are becoming increasingly important in the modern working world. The format has been very well received and will be continued in 2022. Between 170 and 330 employees took part in each of the six events held so far. A similar format tailored to management staff has also been set up and tested; this will also be continued in 2022.

Vocational training and studying

HHLA offers a range of apprenticeships and dual study courses based on HR planning at the companies in Hamburg and on the changing requirements of the working world caused by digitalisation and automation. In addition to the technical and industrial occupations offered by vocational training, commercial apprenticeships were also resumed with the hiring of two forwarding agents and a wholesale and foreign trade merchant. With the new IT apprenticeship in digitalisation management, and the “Technical IT” and “Marketing & Digital Media” dual study courses, three new courses have been established in the Group, with degrees in business as well as technical and IT fields offered by the dual study courses. In 2021, dual study course students were once again able to improve their intercultural skills with semesters spent abroad or by working on projects at our foreign subsidiaries.

Existing partnerships with vocational colleges, specialised grammar schools and secondary schools were used again in 2021 to recruit suitable candidates for the so-called STEM professions (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). To further increase the proportion of female apprentices in STEM professions, technical internships were offered in particular to schoolgirls. The careers were presented at training fairs and careers events held at schools by a project team of apprentices and dual study course students. Since many on-site visits were not possible due to restrictions resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, numerous events were held digitally. A total of 19 fairs and careers events were held in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region in 2021.

Training is enhanced by supplementary offerings to prepare for future demands within HHLA’s operating environment. Apprentices and dual study course students take responsibility in various projects, enabling them to expand their project and digital skills. In cross-functional teams, they help design the company’s employer branding and social media presence of the careers website for their own target group.

With a letter of interest, the HHLA Executive Board underlined the seriousness of the partnership between HHLA and the Evangelische Stiftung Alsterdorf (ESA). Apprentices and dual study course students are engaged in various projects and actively contribute to the ESA’s work. Support is given to both youth work and leisure projects as well as education. The apprentices and dual study course students can use their company time for this and some of them also help out in their free time.


In maritime logistics, a terminal is a facility where freight transported by various modes of transport is handled.