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Increasing efficiency

As part of its corporate strategy, HHLA is committed to a transformation process aimed at strengthening the company’s future viability and creative power over the long term. Boosting efficiency and networking is one of four goals. In order to implement this, HHLA has launched an extensive programme to enhance the efficiency of its operations.

This increased efficiency will strengthen the company’s market position and performance, thus helping to secure jobs and facilities over the long term. Operational efficiency is one of the key customer requirements and forms the basis for customer satisfaction and loyalty. It therefore plays a major role in ensuring the lasting economic success of the company.

Implementation and measures

The efficiency programme is being developed and launched in consultation with employees in operational areas. HHLA executives are supported throughout the programme by external consultants. The programme is focused on port handling operations and the auxiliary service areas and processes within the Group.

The main thrust of the efficiency enhancement programme is to consistently optimise processes, expand system support (automation and digitalisation) and develop employee skills. Performance management methods are being introduced with the participation of all involved and include both control instruments and advanced control processes.

One element of the programme is the refinement of daily operational meetings at which teams discuss current operational performance, key factors in service delivery and measures to improve it.