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Expansion of digitalisation for process optimisation

HHLA believes in the value-adding potential of digitalisation as a means of optimising all internal organisational units involved in the service delivery chain, as well as at the interface with external parties such as customers.

HHLA’s digitalisation measures aim to pool process-relevant information and control variables and make them available on shared digital platforms in order to increase process speed and performance, thus making an important contribution towards boosting competitiveness. Furthermore, the digitalisation initiatives serve to create and simplify interfaces with the company’s customers and facilitate the optimisation of handling quality.

Implementation and measures

Digitalisation measures are identified and implemented using participatory methods and are aligned with the Group’s value creation objectives. The core areas for digitalisation opportunities are regularly analysed and their potential quantified. This results in the order in which the measures are to be implemented.

One example of this is the further digitalisation of all interfaces with shipping company customers and the onshore interfaces with rail and haulage company customers. The introduction and automatic checking of a mandatory data exchange helps to improve visibility and planning capacity in handling operations. The resulting data quality and efficiency is reflected in improved customer performance.

The forward-looking partnership with our customers is initiated and managed directly from our operational business. The project structure ensures coordination with other parts of the company.

Value added

Production value – intermediate inputs (cost of materials, depreciation and amortisation, and other operating expenses); the value added generated is shared between the HHLA Group’s stakeholders, such as employees, shareholders, lenders and the local community.