Training and Professional Development

HHLA invested a total of € 5.4 million in educating and training staff from its locations in Hamburg in 2015 (previous year: € 5.4 million).

Vocational Training and Studying

As of 31 December 2015, a total of 116 apprentices (previous year: 138) were receiving training in Germany in nine different professions and five dual study courses. 48 apprentices (of which six were on dual study courses) completed their training in the course of the year and were given permanent contracts. Halfway through the year, HHLA took on 29 new apprentices. As of the reporting date, the company supported 24 young people on dual study courses.

Cooperation agreements with technical colleges and specialised grammar schools were further intensified to maintain a steady flow of suitable candidates for professions with a focus on mathematics, IT, science and technology. Internships were offered to students studying technical professions in particular. The careers in which the company offers apprenticeships are presented at training fairs and schools by the respective departments with the aid of current apprentices. In 2015, the company participated in ten fairs in the greater Hamburg area.

42 % of students were female in 2015. And 75 % of places offered for dual study courses were awarded to women in 2015. At the start of the 2015 academic year, 40 % of clerical apprentices were women.

Training and Qualification

A total of 800 events lasting one or more days were held in the reporting period, with over 3,300 participant days. 40 % of those attending internal seminars were women (previous year: 35 %). A large proportion of the seminars were organised internally and designed to develop the professional, methodical and social skills of specialists and managers.

All internal seminars are open to staff from various departments and companies. These seminars foster an understanding of the diverse tasks, roles and functions in the Group’s various business fields.

In addition, the company’s own trainers in Hamburg provided 3,383 training days for commercial qualifications.

The Certified Ship Planner qualification was again offered at all terminals in 2015. Employees who successfully complete this qualification can take on important planning functions at the container terminals. They form the foundation for efficient handling processes. Becoming a Ship Planner is one of the main career options at HHLA’s container terminals.

Basic Education Project

The MENTO project, launched in 2014 in cooperation with the Network for Basic Education and Literacy, was continued in the period under review. All staff acting as peer mentors have been trained as learning advisers for basic education. The learning advisers provide peer-to-peer support for people with basic educational needs in reading and writing despite having attended school. The advisers can help people find suitable teaching and training which will enable them to meet the increasing technical demands of the working world.