21. Dividend per Share

The dividend entitlement for the share classes is based on the portion of the distributable profit attributable to the relevant division. This is calculated in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB).

A resolution was passed at the Annual General Meeting held on 11 June 2015 to distribute a dividend of € 40,482 thousand to holders of common shares in the reporting year for the 2014 financial year (previous year: € 34,903 thousand). At the time of the distribution, the number of shares entitled to dividends amounted to 72,753,334, of which 70,048,834 are to be attributed to the Port Logistics subgroup (A division) and 2,704,500 to the Real Estate subgroup (S division). This resulted in dividends of € 0.52 per Class A share and € 1.50 per Class S share. The remaining undistributed profit was carried forward to new account.

In 2016, dividends per share of € 0.59 for the Port Logistics subgroup and € 1.75 for the Real Estate subgroup are due to be paid. Based on the number of dividend-entitled shares as of 31 December 2015, this is equivalent to a distribution of € 41,329 thousand for the Port Logistics subgroup and of € 4,733 thousand for the Real Estate subgroup.