Strategic HR Management

HR Strategy

People and the organisation are at the heart of our personnel work. Highly competent and hard-working managers and employees form the foundation of our success. Long-term qualitative and quantitative personnel planning and development strategies for the entire company have been established in Hamburg. The ongoing development of specialist, management and project careers, and permeability between different career paths are the central aims of our personnel strategy. The numerous options to create a work-life balance according to the employee’s current circumstances and the ongoing development of working-time systems form the cornerstone for long employee service at HHLA. The main aim of HR management is to meet the changing expectations of current and future HHLA employees by striking the right balance between offers and measures and the organisational needs of the business.

Organisation and Control

HR management is established as a central division at Executive Board level. This organisational structure ensures that strategic HR guidelines are implemented throughout the Group. All measures relating to personnel and organisational development at container throughput and joint operations companies in Hamburg have been managed centrally by HHLA since 2015. This ensures uniform implementation of the HR strategy as well as a high level of quality for all development measures.

The specialist department provides tailored programmes for staff on all career paths and at all levels of the hierarchy within the German companies. The performance of both professionals and managers is systematically enhanced and developed and continuously overseen by the HR Management team. The same applies to all organisational development measures.

Diversity Management

Diversity management has been an integral part of strategic HR management for many years now. HHLA believes that a balanced mix of cultures, genders and age groups forms the foundation for commercial success. The company strives to achieve such diversity in all of its companies. This applies in particular to temporary cross-company working and project groups.