Overall Assessment

The risks and opportunities for the HHLA Group reflect possible positive or negative deviations from the reported forecast.

The HHLA Group’s risk position is characterised by market risks that have occurred. Major factors influencing the risk and opportunity profile are the global economic trend, ongoing geopolitical tensions, developments on the market and in the competitive environment as well as uncertainties regarding the implementation of infrastructure projects. The development of these factors is monitored closely, and controllable costs and capital expenditure – where scalable – are adjusted flexibly to foreseeable developments.

There are no discernible risks at present which could jeopardise HHLA’s continued existence. The Executive Board of HHLA is confident that it will be able to exploit any future opportunities while avoiding exposure to unacceptably high risks. Since the economic prospects, in particular, are highly unforeseeable, this description of risks and opportunities merely serves as a snapshot. The HHLA Group’s quarterly reports contain information on any changes to the company’s risk and opportunity profile.

The following key risks and opportunities for the HHLA Group – with due consideration of relevant measures – have been identified as such based on the risk and opportunity management systems used for the Group’s internal control purposes.

Above and beyond the risks mentioned, no further significant risks have currently been identified, while those that do exist are largely insured against.