Occupational Safety and Health Promotion

Numerous preventive measures and guidelines are in place to ensure that staff from both HHLA and external companies, customers, suppliers and visitors do not come to bodily harm, which is a key concern for HHLA. The company strives to continually improve health and safety in the workplace and considers this an important task for its managers. These measures are geared towards specific needs at the sites. The issues of all employees in Hamburg are represented by occupational safety committees. Key measures are evaluated at the statutory meetings of these occupational safety committees, which are held four times a year.

The occupational safety management team actively helps to develop initiatives and delivers information internally by means of in-house tuition, training and practical exercises focusing on emergency precautions, such as preventing fires and water pollution, advisory services as well as prevention and risk management programmes. The occupational safety authorities regularly check and assess the performance of HHLA’s management system for occupational safety. These audits certified that occupational safety was exemplary at all sites. This is the best possible rating.

HHLA also uses modern technologies to achieve constant improvements. For example, HHLA uses an occupational safety management system to monitor the fulfilment of its goals. Since 2014, accidents at all HHLA companies in Hamburg which are not linked directly to container handling (e.g. in workshops) have also been taken into account and recorded using a standardised reporting system. The reasons for changes or fluctuations are carefully analysed and – where necessary – structured measures are initiated. In 2015, there were 111 notifiable accidents (excluding accidents when commuting) at the companies in Hamburg in which HHLA owns a stake of over 50 %. This represents a decline of 13.3 % (previous year: 128).

HHLA’s health programme includes company doctors, help with addictions and social problems, an integration management programme for employees following a lengthy period of illness, representatives for the severely disabled and staff sporting activities. Preventive healthcare is also promoted via targeted measures, campaigns and schemes. HHLA also encourages staff to take part in a varied range of sporting activities, which are very well received.