Establishing and Enhancing Quality and Efficiency Leadership

HHLA plans to constantly improve its competitiveness by further enhancing its service quality and technological capabilities. It concentrates both on retaining its broad customer base and attracting new clients.

In the Container segment, HHLA will continue to pursue its strategy of providing a neutral service to as many shipping companies as possible in the handling of ships and the coordination of berths, while ensuring a consistently high quality of service. This concept will secure the long-term existence of a balanced customer portfolio, the best possible capacity utilisation, and the profitability of its services. Its ship handling activities focus primarily on improving the efficiency of its handling services and responding to the requirements of container mega-ships which are increasingly prompting peak load conditions. This involves systematically gearing the design and operation of facilities towards maximising the productivity of land usage, manpower and capital.

HHLA also aims to become a quality and efficiency leader in the activities of its Intermodal segment by continuing to invest in its own facilities and equipment, such as inland , container-carrying rail wagons and locomotives. Due to its consistent establishment and expansion of pre- and onward-carriage rail systems and their integration into maritime transport chains, HHLA is able to offer its customers a perfectly coordinated range of services.


In maritime logistics, a terminal is a facility where freight transported by various modes of transport is handled.