Management Structure

As a German stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft), HHLA has a dual structure consisting of an Executive Board and a Supervisory Board: the Executive Board manages the company on its own responsibility, while the Supervisory Board appoints, advises and monitors the Executive Board. In 2015, the Executive Board of HHLA comprised four members, whose areas of responsibility are defined by their specific tasks and operating segments. The HHLA Executive Board, under the direction of the Chairman of the Executive Board, is now jointly responsible for the Container segment. The divisional responsibility held by the operative holding HHLA Container Terminals GmbH was replaced by a functional management structure. The Container Sales and Container Operations functions, which were previously held by the operative holding, are now managed directly by the holding company. The Supervisory Board has twelve members in all, with six representing the shareholders and six representing the employees, see Note 49 of the Notes to the Consolidated Financial Statements, Board Members and Mandates

Organisational Structure

Supervisory Board

Executive Board

Klaus-Dieter Peters Chairman

Corporate Development
Corporate Communications
Intermodal segment
Logistics segment

Dr. Stefan Behn

Container Sales
Container Operations
Container Engineering
Information Systems

Heinz Brandt

Human Resources
Purchasing and Materials Management
Health and Safety in the Workplace
Legal and Insurance (including Compliance)

Dr. Roland Lappin

Finance and Controlling (including Organisation)
Investor Relations
Internal Audit
Real Estate segment