Members of the Executive Board

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Angela Titzrath – Chairman of the Executive Board (Photo)

Angela Titzrath

Chairwoman (CEO)Economist (MA)


  • Corporate development
  • Corporate communications
  • Sustainability
  • Container sales
  • Intermodal segment
  • Logistics segment
Jens Hansen (Photo)

Jens Hansen

Chief Operating Officer (COO)Fully qualified engineer and business administration manager


  • Container operations
  • Container engineering
  • Information systems
Heinz Brandt (Photo)

Heinz Brandt

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO)Legal assessor


  • Human resources
  • Purchasing and materials management
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Legal and insurance
  • (including compliance)
Dr. Roland Lappin (Photo)

Dr. Roland Lappin

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)Fully qualified industrial engineer


  • Finance and controlling
  • Investor relations
  • Internal audit
  • Real Estate segment