Personnel development

HHLA invested a total of € 4.6 million in educating and training staff at its locations in Hamburg in 2018 (previous year: € 4.2 million).

As of 31 December 2018, 59 apprentices and 13 students were receiving training in Germany in six different professions and seven dual study courses. 33 % of the 72 apprentices and students were female. The ratio of female students in 2018 was 54 % (previous year: 58 %).

27 of the 29 apprentices (of whom four were on dual study courses) who successfully completed their training in the course of the year were given permanent contracts. A total of 23 new apprentices were taken on at the company’s Hamburg facilities in 2018, of whom around 30 % were women. At the start of the 2018 academic year, women accounted for 29 % of technical apprentices and 30 % of industrial apprentices.

In total, over 630 events lasting one or more days were held in the reporting period. These included more than 550 internal vocational courses conducted by HHLA’s own trainers over 2,673 training days. In addition, more than 80 one- to multi-day events with over 960 participant days were organised as part of the company’s cross-segment seminar programme. 36 % of the participants were women (previous year: 31 %).

Detailed workforce-related information on strategic HR management, personnel development, occupational safety and health promotion, as well as contracts, remuneration and additional benefits can be found in the Sustainability, Human resources section of the report.