Regional Responsibility

In addition to its commitment to social responsibility, staff development and the occupational health and safety of employees are among HHLA’s key fields of activity.  Employees, Occupational Safety and Health Promotion

Approximately one in ten jobs in Hamburg has some connection with cargo handling at the Port of Hamburg. This means that the port and associated industries are major employers in the greater Hamburg metropolitan region. HHLA handles over three quarters of Hamburg’s container throughput or more than half of the total throughput in tonnes. The company therefore sees itself as an integral part of economic development in the greater Hamburg metropolitan area. It is well aware of its responsibility towards society both here and at all its other sites.

Social Dialogue

HHLA engages in regular dialogue with its stakeholders.  Report Profile The company also promotes a number of educational projects focusing on the port and logistics.

Recognising the link between the port, logistics and the water helps us understand the global division of labour and the importance of sustainable business activities. HHLA’s support for educational projects focuses on the “Hafen-Scouts”. This project was successfully initiated by HHLA, the Hafenmuseum Hamburg and the State Institute for Teacher Training and School Development in 2015. It teaches fourth-grade schoolchildren about the transportation of goods around the world, how the port works and what careers the port offers. In the reporting year, more than 1,400 schoolchildren visited HHLA facilities as part of this education project.

In addition to this education project, HHLA also organised an event with high-profile experts entitled: “What will join the container? Transport Flows in the Digital Transformation.