28. Trade receivables

Trade receivables

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Trade receivables are receivables from customers that are fulfilled in connection with normal business operations. In respect of the overwhelming majority of customers, they are usually due within 30 days and are therefore classed as current. Trade receivables are initially recognised at fair value in the amount of the unconditional consideration unless they contain significant financing components. The Group holds trade receivables for the purpose of generating the contractually agreed cash flows and therefore subsequently measures them at amortised cost, applying the effective interest rate method.

Due to the short-term nature of the recognised trade receivables, the carrying amount is the same as the fair value.

No trade receivables were assigned as collateral for financial liabilities, either in the year under review or in the previous year. Collateral for trade receivables is only held to a minor extent (e.g. rental guarantees).

Details of impairment allowances for trade receivables can be found in Note 47.