Strategic HR management

Organisation and control

HR management is established as a central division at Executive Board level. This organisational structure ensures that strategic HR guidelines can also be implemented throughout the Group. The performance of both specialist staff and managers is systematically enhanced and developed and continuously overseen by the HR management team. The same applies to all organisational development measures.

HR strategy

During the reporting period, strategic plans were drawn up for five identified areas of action in the HR department and adopted by the Executive Board. The strategic objectives include, for example, developing new recruitment strategies and enhancing HHLA as an employer brand. Moreover, existing resources in the field of HR are to be aligned more effectively in future with the aid of innovative technologies, methods and concepts, and the range of services offered is to be continuously expanded. Participation-oriented co-determination processes are also to be further refined in cooperation with the co-determination partners, managers and employees, in order to shape the future-proof conditions for HHLA's entrepreneurial success. In addition to cultivating existing potential and creating an effective learning culture within the company, staff development also plays a key role in developing the organisation and corporate culture. Another major component of strategic planning is therefore the targeted promotion of digital networking and cooperation between all those involved within the Group. In this way, staff are encouraged to exchange knowledge, thus helping to drive the long-term development of corporate culture.

Diversity management

Diversity management has been an integral part of strategic HR management for many years now. HHLA believes that a balanced mix of cultures, genders and age groups forms the foundation for commercial success. The company strives to achieve such diversity in all of its companies. This applies in particular to temporary cross-company working and project groups.