Half-year Financial Report January – June 2023

2. Significant events in the reporting period

The acquisition of a 51.0 % share in Survey Compass GmbH, Treben, Germany, announced in the 2022 Annual Report, by HHLA Next GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, closed on 17 January 2023. Further information about the acquisition of the company can be found under Note 4.

With the share purchase and transfer agreement dated 2 March 2023, the subsidiary Metrans a.s., Prague, Czech Republic, acquired a 51.0 % share in Adria Rail d.o.o., Rijeka, Croatia. The closing of the transaction (corresponding to the acquisition date) took place on 2 March 2023. Further information about the acquisition of the company can be found under Note 4.

HHLA AG and Grand Dragon Investment Enterprise Limited, Hong Kong, China, a subsidiary of COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited, Hong Kong, China (CSPL), on 19 June 2023, signed a share disposal agreement for a non-controlling interest of 24.99 % in HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort GmbH, Hamburg (CTT), a formerly wholly-owned subsidiary of HHLA AG. For more information on the disposal of shares, please refer to Note 4.

HHLA PLT Italy S.r.l. of Trieste, Italy (PLT) had the option of expanding its existing infrastructure by 17 June 2023. In conjunction with this, HHLA had an opportunity to successively increase its interest by acquiring the shares of former shareholders at a set purchase price in conjunction with further capital increases. The Supervisory Board of HHLA AG agreed to the exercise of this option on 21 March 2023. No binding notification of the exercise of this option was made by the end of the option period. Likewise, the contractual terms had not been fully negotiated with the relevant parties by the balance sheet date of 30 June 2023. On 31 July 2023 – in addition to the aforementioned agreement to acquire further shares in PLT from existing shareholders – PLT signed a share purchase and transfer agreement to acquire shares in Logistica Giuliana S.r.l. of Trieste, Italy. This makes it possible to expand the infrastructure. Both agreements contain conditions precedent.

Dr Roland Lappin stepped down from the Executive Board on 31 January 2023. Tanja Dreilich was appointed as a Member of the Executive Board effective 1 January 2023. She assumed the responsibilities of Dr Roland Lappin as Chief Financial Officer on 1 February 2023; however, she stepped down from her role effective 30 June 2023.

There were no other particular events during the period under review that had an impact on the Group’s results of operations, net assets and financial position.