Macroeconomic and Sector Outlook

In July 2017, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) largely confirmed its macroeconomic forecast from the beginning of the year and still anticipates a moderately positive economic trend for 2017 on the whole.

By contrast, the market research institute Drewry recently significantly upgraded its sector outlook from the start of the year. Its growth forecast for global container throughput has almost doubled, from 2.1 % to 4.1 %. The experts now anticipate throughput growth of 3.1 % in North-West Europe in 2017 (previously: 1.2 %). The outlook for Scandinavia and the Baltic region was revised upwards from 3.2 % at the beginning of the year to 8.3 %. HHLA has already taken this positive industry trend into account, for example in its volume projection updated in May 2017.