Significant Events and Transactions

During the reporting period, HHLA increased its level of investment in METRANS a.s., Prague, Czech Republic, and now holds 100 % of shares in the company. On 26 March 2018, HHLA also signed an agreement to acquire 100 % of shares in HHLA TK Estonia AS (formerly: Transiidikeskuse AS), a terminal operator based in Tallinn, Estonia. Upon fulfilment of the conditions precedent, HHLA acquired control on 27 June 2018.

There were no other particular events or transactions during the period under review, neither in HHLA’s operating environment nor within the Group, that had a significant impact on its results of operations, net assets and financial position. Both the available key economic indicators and HHLA’s actual economic performance were largely in line with the performance forecast in the 2017 Annual Report. See Earnings Position, Financial Position