Notes on the reporting

The initial mandatory application of the new IFRS 16 lease standard as of 1 January 2019 has resulted in major changes to the accounting of the HHLA Group as a lessee. The new IFRS 16 regulations resulted in a € 571.2 million increase in the balance sheet total as of 1 January 2019. In addition to the capitalisation of rights of use amounting to € 542.8 million, deferred tax assets amounting to € 28.4 million resulted from the initial application. On the liabilities side, this is opposed by adjustments to revenue reserves (decrease of € 58.5 million due to the recognition of cumulative effects from initial application of the standard) and, significantly, by the recognition of lease liabilities (increase of € 637.4 million). The operating result (EBIT) increased year-on-year as a result of the necessary changes in recognition in profit and loss amounting to approximately € 7.1 million. In the cash flow statement, there was a shift between cash flow from operating activities and cash flow from financing activities. While cash flow from operating activities increased, capital outflows from financing activities also rose because higher redemptions of lease liabilities had to be accounted for.

A decrease in the interest rate used to calculate pension obligations led to an additional increase in pension provisions along with a corresponding reduction in equity. There were no other particular events or transactions during the reporting period, either in HHLA’s operating environment or within the Group, that had a significant impact on its results of operations, net assets and financial position. Both the key economic indicators reported for the first half of 2019 and HHLA’s actual economic performance were largely in line with the performance forecast in the 2018 Annual Report. Results of operations, Net assets and financial position

There is normally no long-term order backlog for handling and transport services, and thus no use is made of this particular reporting figure.