Events after the balance sheet date

By way of a resolution dated 21 October 2022, the Lüneburg Local Court was ordered to initiate insolvency proceedings against Bionic Production GmbH, Lüneburg, at the company’s own request.

HHLA AG and COSCO SHIPPING Ports Limited (CSPL), a terminal operator listed in Hong Kong and member of the COSCO Shipping Group, signed an agreement on 21 September 2021 – subject to various approvals relating to competition law and foreign trade law (conditions precedent) – regarding a non-controlling interest of CSPL amounting to 35.0 % in HHLA Container Terminal Tollerort GmbH (CTT), a wholly owned subsidiary of HHLA AG. With a cabinet resolution on 26 October 2022, the German government approved the acquisition of this non-controlling interest under certain conditions. These conditions include, in particular, limiting the voting rights to under 25.0 % and ensuring that CSPL does not acquire effective participation in the control of CTT in any other way that would exceed the influence gained by holding a share of voting rights below 25.0 %.

There were no other significant events after the balance sheet date of 30 September 2022.