4. Purchase and Sale of Shares in Subsidiaries

In the first quarter of 2015, METRANS (Danubia) Kft., Gyor, Hungary, which is not included in HHLA’s group of consolidated companies, acquired 100 % of the shares in both Univer Trans Kft, Budapest, Hungary, and Loacker Konténer Kft., Budapest, Hungary.

The real estate company Loacker Konténer Kft. was renamed METRANS Konténer Kft. in the second quarter of 2015. METRANS (Danubia) Kft. subsequently sold all of the shares in METRANS Konténer Kft. and all of the shares in Univer Trans Kft. to METRANS (Danubia) a.s., Dunajská Streda, Slovakia, which is part of HHLA’s consolidated group.

There were no other acquisitions or disposals of shares in subsidiaries.